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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Short and Sweet =)

Finally had the guts to cut my hair short. The moment when I saw my long hair that had been loyally followed me for the past 3 years falling off my shoulder, I was actually letting out a big sigh. Unbeliebable huh? But I was in fact quite happy about my long hair being chopped off.

*Photo will be uploaded soon when I took a good one. XD*

Well it was a rather out-dated cut actually, dated back when Rihanna sang "Umbrella". Yea yea it was a bob cut which "someone" had cut before *grinning* but I am definitely not picking up some cheapo second hand stuff. I think this cut suits me, so I go for it. No copy-cating was involved in any of it. XD

And I'm glad this new hair cut brought me new friend, a friend that I have missing the chance to meet him 5 years ago and meet him now. He was exactly the same as I had expected, and it's a pleasing experience to see him. At least I got to know that Jagoyah Japanese Buffet at StarHill sucks to the core. No point paying Rm68++ to go for an unworthy food. =X

So now, I'm proudly saying that

To KeaKeaz, glad that I've met you. Sorry for being "too over-whelming", I was just kidding about the N97, it was only meant to tease you. So don't mention about it okay? Cheers.. =)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Finally Over

And it's a good thing.

Usually when we end a relationship we would somehow feel heartache, maybe you're aching because of the time or money wasted, or mayve you're aching because of the efforts and love you've put in.

My previous relationship, although not a biggy for people around me, has ended in a good note today. I received a message, saying that it's time to take a break and breath his own air. Honestly I felt a sense of relieve. Finally I don't have to pull my neck to anticipate what's coming next, finally no more negative aura lurking around me with unreturn messages and calls.

So I did not feel any heartache, although I did spend my time and efforts in it.

Am I acting weird? Or rather cold-blooded, because I believe this is not the ending that both of us had expected early in this relationship. We did hoped that things will turn out well, and even extended to the stage of marriage, but things just didn't work, so we accepted it. And should we feel dreadful because of this? Personally I don't think so, because at least you'll have some time on your own reflecting on your own actions and get someone better.

And it's finally over. Round of applause.

p/s: For you, I once said that this blog is for you to get to know what am I doing everyday while you're away, now it is still the same. I will still take you as a friend, and this blog is for you to know that I'm perfectly fine and okay with everything. So no worries okay? Cheers.. =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Heart Cooking =) But I Hate Doing Dishes =X

Cooking Day ~!!

Earlier today I was in a really good mood.. I woke up kinda early (around 11am =P) and looked around the house, thinking maybe I can do some special thing today.. Then all of a sudden a light bulb lighted !! Ta-Da ~ I can cook today!!

So I went down the mini mart and bought some basic stuff, having totally clueless of what kind of dish I want to make. So I ended up buying some vege, two tomatoes, one can food, button mushroom, fish cake, some eggs, garlics, onions and ginger. I carried all the things back to the house, lied them down in front of me, and started to think. What can I make with all these.

So I've decided to have 2 dishes for the lunch. Simple, but fast enough to be cooked within 1 hour. (I only have a multi-cooker). And my light bulb lighted again. Ta-Da ~

Here goes my cooking journey:-
  1. Dice the garlics, around 3 pieces of it.
  2. Cut 1 onion into half, then cut accordingly before you peel of the layers one by one.
  3. Smash half the ginger first before you cut it.
  4. Dice the tomato.
  5. Cut the button mushroom into half.
  6. Cut the vege.
  7. Cut the fish cake.
  8. Open up the can food.
  9. Prepare an egg.
  10. Prepare some oyster sauce for later use.
I heat up the stove and pour some oil in it. First up, i fry the egg before pouring in the can food. Stupid multi-cooker is NOT a non-stick pan, and I have re-wash the wok before I begin my next piece - MY MASTER PIECE !! XD

I admit I suck in cooking, but at least when I put my effort in cooking, things will somehow turn out quite okay. So I guess it's not an exception today, so again, I pour in some oil, wait until it heated up and put in those garlics first.
  1. Wait till the garlic is a bit yellowish, then put in the onions.
  2. Fry for a while, add in the ginger.
  3. Fry a while more, then put in the fish cake.
  4. Make sure the fish cake is half cooked before you put in the tomotoes.
  5. Stir the mixture of ingredients until the tomatoes are a bit "hancur" and watery. Add in the button mushroom with its can water in it.
  6. Shimmer for a while, and wait till the sauce is a bit sticky and aromatic.
  7. Add in the vege and continue frying and stirring.
  8. Add in oyster sauce.
  9. Cook for a while and serve.
Voila ~ It's my master piece with No-Name. =P

I guess both of us enjoyed eating. We did finished up those dishes except the can food with egg because it's rather salty. >.<

And it's dishes time. NOnoNOnoNO ~ T___T

Sunday, September 6, 2009

We are going crazy

Another outing day with Steven and Rody.. And this time, we are all going crazy.. =.="

Its was 10.30am in the morning on Saturday Rody texted Steven: "Bro, wanna go Matta Fair, its at PWTC.."
So Steven and I, after some discussion and found out that we got no other place to go to, decided to go out with Rody again: "Ok, see you in one hour at Bandar Tasik Selatan.."

So we took bath and got ready, went down stairs and I said, "Steven, hungry leh, lets go have breakfast, the Rapid bus won't arrive so soon".
We are absolutely right, after we had our meal, the very "punctual" Rapid bus came in sight and we boarded on bus.
Before this we heard that the infamous T429 that send us back and forth from Putrajaya Sentral to Cyberjaya would somehow be "upgraded" into U429 and the price is increasing from Rm 1.00 to Rm 2.00 due to the so-called "upgrade". But yesterday, when we personally boarded on the bus, we were totally shocked - THE RM 2.00 TICKET PRICE IS MEANT FOR SINGLE JOURNEY, meaning no more reusing ticket !! At that moment Steven and I were liked : What the F*** , so the ticket price has increased 300% lah.. @#$$%^&*^%$#@!~

Stupid Rapid KL, the service is the same suckiness, but the price is the triple.. So, Rapid KL is crazy.. =X

Then when we reached Tasik Selatan, Rody was already there waiting for us for almost 1 hour (sorry Rody =P).. Judging from his look he was not sleeping well the night before. And reality proved us right, he was not sleeping at ALL.

So three of us, like three crazy fellas, moved towards our next destination by the brother of Rapid KL bus - Rapid LRT. Rather smooth-sailing I would say and there we reached our destination, Matta Fair at PWTC.

The first scenery that greeted us is a bunch of show girls wearing superb short skirts promoting Reliance tourist company. Two guys were excited, and I just laughed out loud looking at their reactions. We were later greeted by 3 floors of exhibition floors and people there were like crazy lot. Everybody was eager to get some cheapo trips there. And indeed we had found out some really good deals in that fair.
  1. Genting Highland 2 days 1 night stay at First World Hotel (standard room) during low peak season - Rm 38.80 including breakfast for 2, available until March 2010
  2. AirAsia Ticket KL - JB, Penang (Rm 19), KL - Kuching (Rm 39), all inclusive
  3. Bali 3 days 2 nights Ground Arrangement - Rm 139 / person
  4. Pulau Lang Tengah 3 days 2 nights Snorkelling and Jungle trekking - Rm 360 for 4 person including snorkelling gears, accomodation and food. (Pricing for this Raya Holiday)
So there we were shouting Hooray towards those crazy deals. But what can a student do when they see these cheapo deals? They would of course opt for the cheapest and easiest one. XD
Genting Highland here we COME !!

After that we went for Kenny Rogers at the Mall nearby PWTC. It was around 4pm that time and we decided that its still rather early to make the trip back.

"Roderick, you went before The Mines?" "No leh, why?" "Walau you study at UKM never go The Mines before?" "...." "Lets go The Mines lah, we go have some good dinner there."

So our next stop is the boring The Mines that has been haunting me for 3 long semesters. LOLX
To let the jakun Roderick open his jakun eyes, Steven and I took him to the venice ride. (its actually the boat ride from KTM Serdang to Mines) =X

We 3 crazy fellas end up wandering around Mines Shopping Centre with absolutely nothing to do. =.=
After that expensive dinner in Sushi King, Rody was totally awake!!

For the first time of my time knowing Roderick Lim, his image of a nice obedient boy had totally ripped apart. He was so funny, so crazy and so.. so.. so.. *speechless*
Anyway, he's not the Rody that we usually see. =X
The haywired Rody later suggested to buy some pressie for his two new pets, Little Greenie and Little Yellow, named after the colour of their shells.

TA-DA.. New house for two little cute tortoises. =)

So with this it marked the end of our crazy journey on Saturday. We passed by the Flea Market with only fleas of people around,

Steven and I took the crazy company of Rapid KL back to Cyberjaya, and all 3 crazy fellas day ended.

p/s: Salty balls and Sourplum in action. ROTFL

Friday, September 4, 2009

sleeping problems

I'm missing that piece of sky.

I close my eyes and my world is not black, I see blue, red, orange, and gold. I see the sun shines brightly, I wanted to smile, but when I realised the dark clouds above my head, my smile faded.

Talk about nightmares, this nightmare is really pea-ish.

And for a few days I refused to sleep early. I would slack around and do some stuff, never allow myself to touch my pillows. Until I was really tired and finally draged myself to the bed and went off.

This is sick, I know. But it's out of my control, you know.

Right now I'm sitting down and looking at this screen, and I whisper: This lappy sucks, how I wish I can change it tomorrow. My roomate still hitting hard on the keypad, trying to finish up her thesis draft to her supervisor tomorrow. I am hitting hard on my keypad, trying to make the uneasy feelings in my stomach to go away.

Sooner or later I'll go crazy.

I'm the rag doll here.. with a sewed smile..