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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Unexpected

I received an unexpected email from a person that have not contact me for so long. For years, I guess. I opened it with my heart throbbing violently. Well, it's nothing. I guess its the new type of virus that contaminate our mail that it will automatically use your address contact to send emails.

My heart went through a roller coaster ride. It was so high, and suddenly so low.

Memories of that person flooded me at that moment. For quite some time I can't breath right. Something's wrong with my heartbeat. But to my surprise I did not cry, not even a single drop of tears.

My heart went normal again. Unexpectedly, I had fore-go the pain that I used to feel when I was reminded of him.

Unexpected, I'm starting to love this.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's been a while since I've drag myself to this blog. The truth is, I'm hesitating to get my post to the third figure. So many had happened, so many things had changed. I'm growing from a naive kiddo to the person I am now. Can't really claim that I'm all grown up now, but at least I can proudly claim myself as a more matured person that I used to be.

A lot of things had definitely changed, most of it against my will. When I thought of it I used to ask myself if I had any regrets. Well, yes I have. But those things also molded me to the person you see today. So again and again I tell myself to embrace all those changes in life. This life is a gift from God that you should happily accept and live with. So be appreciative of every single day of your life, uphold Carpedieum.

The death of my friend and a few people had make me realised that life is simply too short. I remember the tears that I've shed when I heard those horrible news, especially the one with my friend. We had not been so close, but I'll always remember the way he smiled and the way he said hi to me on the phone. I used to call him in the middle of the night and we would share some conversation. He was such and nice guy, and he was gone. I could not help my tears whenever I think of him. He was such a lovely person, and so was his family. They were all good people. God has loved them too much that He want them to be back to His arms.

And for those people that used to linger on my thoughts, they are now back to their rightful places. They are no longer living in my mind, but dwelling at the deepest corner of my heart.

For you, who's now in ShangHai, I wish you the best in your career. May you return here every time with all the glory and light you've always wanted. You have my best wishes.

For you, who's now in Macau, I wish you the very best of health. May you return home to make your family proud with all those learned skills, and may you have your own career soon.

For you, who's now in America, I wish you the greatest journey of lifetime. May you get all the things you want, and see all the wonders in the world that you wished for.

For you, who's now in China, I wish you love, because you deserve someone better than the one who had hurt you so bad and so long.

For you, who's here, I wish you achieve your dreams that you've dreamt about, and do the things that you are supposed too. I wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

And you, who's here too, I wish you luck and everything. Make your family proud, and always be good and healthy.

I officially end this post with those people that has been on my mind for so long. You are all officially released, on this 100th post of mine. God bless you all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Didn't update for quite some time, proved that I finally had got myself out of some emo-ness. That's a good thing I guess. At least I don'd sound blueish and grayish all the time. =X

I did some changes recently. Had a super short hair cut that makes me look like a boy. I pushed myself to a diet but not really work. And I turned into the laziest creature I've ever seen! All blamed (or hailed) to my brand new broadband. Cost me a bomb every month but I guess it should be fine. At least I would refrain myself from over shopping, but apparently it had not succeeded too! >.<"

Full of changes in 99. Really change 99. LOL

I really hope for the better this semester. I couldn't really get myself entirely out of my depression, but I really wanted to. Friends, I hope you could help me, although the amount of you all are getting lesser and lesser.

To be ex JB friend who is now dwelling in China, wish you make the best pastry 2 years later. Wishing the best in you. :)