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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka ?!

Finally finished the stupid mid-semester exam and had few days of rest.. But assignments kept flooding to my nostrils and hell, I wonder who could cope with that flow.. I kept cursing my lecturer and flip my fingers at every sheets of papers I received.. That was really hell of a month..

Luckily the university still remember there's something call Independence Day of Malaysia and students were given a weekend off (approximately 4 days).. I see lots of my coursemates packing bags and rushed back home, but I was still there, waiting for shuttle bus to send me to somewhere I like more.. *guess where* XD

So here I am now, having the bliss of internet and facebooking like nobody's else business.. This few days was really fun-filled, and I really had a great time with my dear ones. Although it would sound so darn common to some of you but it was really a good time-off for me from the mountains of assignment shits.. =P

First stop, Cyberjaya.. Luckily there's no jams yet when I'm on my way here.. Spent a nice night here because I can FINALLY sleep well without t
hose horrible nightmares.. =)

Second, Mid Valley.. I GOT SO DAMN LUCKY.. I bought CLEO earlier that week to see if there's any freebies to get from special counters.. At first I was real upset because I just realized that Mid Valley has NO ANNA SUI COUNTERS.. There goes my free 15ml rich moisturized foundation.. =X
Later I went to the CLINQUE counter and yesh, i got my 7 days free trial foundation.. =P
But what surprised me the most was that they actually offered me a FREE MAKEOVER !! I was like:-

"Really?" (eyes blinking)
"Yeah, why not? It's morning and we don't have many customers yet.."
"Cool.. Thanks a lot.." (grinning)
"Do you always spend time outdoors?"

"Errr.. not really.."
"Do you use sunblock when you're outside?" (starts to look scary)
"What??? Can you see the dead skin cells on your face? You must at least scrub your face twice a week !!"

Well.. The beauty consultants just want me to look pretty.. So I just take in those words and swallow them hard.. Yes I will buy a facial scrub and scrub my face twice a week.. =X

So this is the result.. LOL

It's just a minor makeover with eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, blusher, liquid foundation, compact powder, lipstick and lip gloss.. *Talk about MINOR* x_X

Later went to karaoke again, and it's time to fill my bottomless tummy.. XD
We picked, SUSHI ZANMAI !!

My greedy face.. =.=

Sushi Zanmai serve really good and affordable japanese food.. The bill for 3 of us (Steven, Rod and me) is only RM75++.. And all of us came out with satisfaction.. =)

So the next day is movie day, went to watch The Orphan at Alamanda.. SCARY~ But worth watching.. You guys should really go..

Finally, its today, and its time to go back to shit hole again.. LOLX.. Looking forward for another break off.. Which is next week.. haha..

To my Lucy dearie, please take care of your foot.. MELAKA is a NO-NO place for me now.. Always brings us bad luck =.=