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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mii Being A Devil?!

i admit that i am a devil..

i am a devil who always follow what my heart says, and heck care about the consequences that are going to take place in my future.. i am a devil who always fight and bounce back to the destiny that lies ahead me.. i am a devil who constantly speak devilish language where people find it unacceptable and ridiculous..

and most importantly, i am a devil because i'm trying to be myself.. i just wanna be me, not like anybody else..

some would say that i'm rather headstrong person.. i've always strive hard for the things that i wanted badly.. and when i say badly, i mean really bad to the extend that i would just do anything to get it to myself.. i guess i have to thank my headstrong personality because it always carries me through big and small challenges by my so-called enemies back in schools, and my headstrong personality is able to held my head high and walk past those people with pride and dignity..

i follow my emotions a lot.. and sometimes i got carried away.. i do a lot of sinful things that i can possibly imagine and when i think back of my actions i sometimes regretted it very much.. but as i said earlier i am a headstrong person.. and i am not going to easily look down on myself because of the silly things that i had done before.. i am not going to defeat myself before somebody did that to me.. i am strong i can handle every situations that are throw to me.. i have to be that way.. i have to be tough no matter what..

so is being a headstrong, emotional, and trying to be tough means that i am a devil among those people that i lived in now? either i fall in love or hate the devil hat lurks inside me, i think that i don't even have a choice to change anything..

angel or devil, when its all about me or being me, i would just take in all..