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Friday, December 5, 2008

Give and Take

There was once someone told me this:

When you fall in love with someone,
you give him part of your soul,
just like sharing your piece of cake with him.
And if that someone loves you back,
he'll also give you part of his soul,
so you'll get back the piece of cake that you've shared with him.

what if the person you love don't love you?
This is when we give out part of our souls to that special someone,
but he did'nt return us back that piece of cake.

this is when we're not whole anymore.
This is why we can't get back the love that we had given out.

Above are just some simple comparison to a piece of cake, but it gave me lots of realisations about my past actions. I realised that I've been heartless and cruel to persons who loved me dearly, but I can't give them back what they want from me.
I'm sorry.

I realised that I've not been a nice person. I let those who loved me dearly down. I broke their heart by saying words that never meant to be said.
I'm sorry.

I realised that I've been a dumb by not seeing those good things and advices that came to my faces. I turned them down and refuted with harsh and loud facts. Twisted and unreal facts to protect myself from being hurt.
I'm sorry.

I realised that I'm a really careless people. I just realised all these now. I'm not sure whether I could do something about all these but I really hoped to.
I'm sorry.

And lastly,
the ultimate lesson that I've learnt from giving and taking:

Appreciate what you have right now, and never to force things to happen. Those are meant to be yours will be yours, and those that are not, no matter how hard you strive for it, it'll never be wholy yours.

I thank these realisations. I hope I can do what I've promised myself here.