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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Friend

Suddenly thought of a foreign friend when I was at university. I knew him when I was about to leave the place, when I was at the moment of heart broken. He was the same, just that his heart never mended in one. His heart was shattered even that incident happened a year ago. He was at his most vulnerable state, and I was at my recovering stage at that time.

I'm really glad I met him that time. He gave me the reason to believe that there's still good men out there, like himself. I can gradually let go of my own pain when I was trying to make him happy again. I silently accompanied him for the last month before we both left that university, and that was the only month I felt meaningful in that 2 years of university.

It was as simple as that. I gained a friend that I never had before, and I had a clear mission that entire month. My goal was to make him have hope again, and to make him happy again before he's back to where he is supposed to be.

And tonight I thought of him. It was all so sudden. He left a simple message for me, saying that everything is okay with him, that he has found a job and is busy everyday. It's just a few sentences from him, but I'm happy enough. He's finally okay now, though I don't know whether he had let go of his pain, but I'm sure he's doing fine over there.

It is a relieve to hear such good news from this friend. He was really special for me. I can still remember the amount of wine and beer that I had in my tummy for that month, but it was all worth it. Thank god that he is fine now.

TianYu, good luck! You've been missed here. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

I Told You To

I told u to smile,
but I'm not.

I told you to go with it,
but I silently says no.

I told you to believe,
but I don't want to believe.

I told you to love,
but I hope you would forget.

I told you so many things,
but none,
is what I really want you to be.

I'm sorry, I love the way I lie.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Age and Maturity

Some of us might think that the age of a person would reflect on the maturity level accordingly. We would expect adults to act adult-like and for kids, its okay to act child-like. Those exceeding expectations would be labelled as immature or childish.

But is there any possibility for a child to act adult-like? For some reasons, I would answer a big NO for this questions. Children nowadays are way more pampered than the children last time. They know no sufferings, no hardships. Okay maybe I'm being a little too stereotype as not all children are behaving this way. But generally, this would be the type of children we will see everyday.

I now change my perspective entirely. I have witnessed a different case.

That child is beyond my expectations. He is cool and rational. He is fun and socialable, but at the same time lonely as hell.

Just because of that one particular life experience that he had been through, it changed him. He is now more considerate, and also very vulnerable. He holds on to the things that he had once let go, and now he endures the pain alone. Sometimes late at night he would go sleepless, and cry a little, embracing the memories that were once so sweet that turned bitter.

It was a one particular life experience that changed a lot of things.

Life is the best teacher that everyone could have. Kids act immature and childish because they have not encountered things and incidents that would make them grow. So we would grow wiser in time, where we get more and more lessons from our everyday encounter. Sometimes I would think that I am more immature than some younger people around me, where they think much wiser. There are definitely things that I can learn from these people.

Age does not necessarily reflect the maturity level of someone. That is the moral of my lesson today.