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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't You Wanna Stay

Another page of my life had just gone by, and thank God everything went smoothly. Soon I'll be stepping into the next chapter of my life where I have to shoulder more responsibilities as an adult. But the truth is, I have been dreading this moment to come.

What I really want is to just stay as a happy student that I once was, and the biggest problem of my life is when my boyfriend dumped me.

But now everything is not as easy as before. My biggest problem now no longer concerns only me, but people around me. I have to start thinking for another person, have to be considerate, have to be tolerable. I have to be someone for somebody else.

But seriously, don't you wanna stay at that point, where nothing matters, and the world consists only you? Don't you wanna stay that way?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do You Notice Yourself When You Have Gone Overboard?

Most of us doesn't really pay attention to what we are saying at the moment, where things simply slip out from our mouths. We do noticed this when other people do it right in front of us, and we would give either direct or silent comments about the insensitivity of this person. But how many of us, actually realized the same situation when we ourselves do it?

You won't realize it, do you? Even if you do, it would be too awkward for you to apologize and to take back whatever that you have said.

But words can't be taken back. Once it is heard, it is registered right there and then into the listeners' minds, so there's no turning back.

So when you tell me that, "I said sorry, what more do you want?"
Let me tell you, once harsh feelings has been caused, it is kinda hard for the person being commented by your "accidental slips" would forgive you in any time soon.

I understand that we live in a world full of criticism and judgments, but we must always remind ourselves that our words alone is the most powerful weapon to help you either to elevate or to push yourself down in this social circle. So please please please, always spell-check yourself whenever you feel like blurting out something on someone, or to make immediate comments on the other person. Please evaluate the situation where you are about to make comments on, whether or not it is appropriate.

You probably think all these are bullshits. If you are, you might be the person who do all these bullshits. Word of advice, look in the mirror to comment on yourself before you make comments on others. Think of the kind of rumours to spread about yourself before you bad-mouth on the others.

The world doesn't need another piece of junk like you. I might as well recycle you in the bin for the greater good on Earth.

Abandoned, again

I figure I've been abandoned my blog for quite some time - 2 months to be exact. Been no mood to do anything significant in my life except for handling monster spawns in my school. I let out a really big sigh when it was their last day of school. FINALLY they had something better to do instead of ruining my mood every day.

Life has treated me real "kind" so far, looking at all the fats that I have been collecting over the months. My weight has gone to another height in my life, which is not something that I am really proud to say. I kept telling myself to stop eating but it seems like I can't take my own advice.

Other than that, I figure the last big challenge for me in this 2011 would be my SPP interview, which is on this 25th. I have no freaking mood to study and have no freaking clue on what it will be. I just hope everything will turn out fine and I got my job, hopefully. The government owe all TESL graduates this much - to pass us all and let us all get our much-delayed job.

Will update again when I finish with that stupid interview. No time for me to emo now, even online.