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Monday, July 2, 2012

Miserable Start

Just when I thought everything are finally going towards the better, but the wheel has to turn so soon. I don't even have time to rejoice, to actually feel lucky; and everything has to be taken away.

My career has gone down the slope. My family is in a mess. My relationship has gone haywired. I myself is a complete mess.

The only thing that I can tell myself now is "I'm okay". That is the only phrase that has accompany me without fail through these year.

I'm okay. Everything will be okay.

Good Night, Good Bye

Let me do this one last thing for you alright? Let me help you make up your mind.

And when I do, please try your best and fight for what you really want this time; hold on tight and don't let go.

Good night sweetness gracious. Good bye.


I remember I was looking frantically for someone or something. And so I screamed and screamed, but there's no voice coming out from my dry throat.

I ran and ran, but there's no one in sight. And when I started panicking and crying, I fell down from a tall building.

That's when I wake up crying, sometimes shouting.

And when I open my eyes I cry even harder, gasping for air.

It's all happening again, isn't it? The same dream. Must it always have to be like this? Must I get used to this?