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Sunday, June 1, 2008

He's Getting Married

fate is really a weird thing.. it makes you meet someone, fall in love and later set us apart from each other..

i happened to meet someone.. he used to be gentle and caring, and i thought he's everything.. i put all my hopes on him, and for the first time of my life i'm being so damn serious in a relationship.. i even think about marrying him, even meet his parents, even bringing him to meet my parents..

but i guess all these doesn't satisfy him.. maybe i'm not good enough for him.. and he chose to leave me, saying that he's tired of everything.. when he told me about it i just could not believe it.. tired? tired of what? tired of me loving him?

everything just don't make sense anymore the moment he left me.. i tried to patch back but it was a foolish effort.. and later, i thought thoroughly.. maybe we can be friends, and our feelings will grow again, just like the time when we just knew each other.. and he gave me hope.. i thought it's just the matter of time for us to be together again..

the cruel reality wakes me up.. i should have notice that he had someone he love right now.. he's so different and i was blind for not seeing it.. the moment i look at my computer screen about the news, i just can't help myself.. i cried..

" i knew a girl, who's cute but sometimes naughty.. we are happy, and we are preparing to get married.."

the sentence keep repeating in my mind.. his new girl is cute but naughty, and they are getting married.. they are getting married.. they are getting married..

i'm too stupid to have any drops of tears for him now.. but i just could not help it.. i hope he will forgive my tears.. he never like me to drop any tears for him.. i am sorry..

what will you be like when you're married? you must be the most responsible man in this world.. i seriously believe that you have all the ability in the world to make that girl happy, just like the time when you and me are still together.. i was happy..

if time can reverse.. i wish to hold your hand again, and say.. I AM SORRY..