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Sunday, August 3, 2014


I guess my only emotional outlet would be here, a virtual space for me to let out my every scream and shout. 

I was thinking today. Should I let go? 

One part of me says that I should, another part of me says no. 

I admit, I still love him dearly. He can still makes me smile easily, but at the same time, he can make me cry as easy. 

I want so much to be extra understanding. It is not that I don't see the recent massive changes in his life. But when I tried to put myself into his shoes, I don't understand, why can't he spend some time and attention on me like what he used to be? 

And he changes so much. I could not help but compare. 

Is it because of those changes that I see? 
Or perhaps, it's because of his dwindling feelings of me. 

Is it so, that he no longer loves me? 

Give me a hint, let me know. Please. 

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